House Plant - Tacca integrifolia

dellis326 (Danny)February 6, 2011

In october I recieved 14 white tacca seeds and planted 8 of them in peat pellets and 6 in a damp paper towel sitting on hydroton, both groups sealed in plastic containers and set on a heating mat that warms them to around 95f - 100f. I checked friday 3 of the seeds in the paper towel have germinated.

I figure I can just set the pellets in soil once they get a little bigger but I was thinking of going passive hydro with the ones growing on the paper towel. My questions are, how do I transfer the seedling out of the paper towel or do I just cut the towel into sections that have one seed each and set them onto hydroton?

Is there something better as a growing medium? I have a number of other plants growing in pots of sphagnum sitting in an inch or two of water/nutrient solution, (I use general hydroponics) Mostly Philodendrens but a few orchids and a schefflera. I know the sphagnum will only last 2 or 3 years at best.

Any info and tips for passive hydro will be greatly appreciated.

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If the tap root hasn't entwined in the paper towel simply pick the seedpod up with tweezers and place in your medium. If it has, I would cut arount the root and then proceed the same way.
Why not use the hydroton as your medium? I can't say it has great wicking abilities, but if you top water until the roots make their way to the bottom, you'd probably be alright. Other than that, the sphagnum or perlite are mostly what I've seen people use.

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dellis326 (Danny)

Thanks for the response!
I was thinking of using sphagnum originally but my concerns were that tacca's can grow to a good size and I don't know if it'll support the weight, Maybe I'll try mixing it.

Thanks again

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How are your Tacca integrifolia doing so far. Must be doing fine with you.
As for me in Singapore. I have tried ordering seeds many times and it just do not germinate for me. However, I could grow the black Tacca Chantrieri very well in Singapore. Presently, I do have many young plantlets of Tacca Chantrieri and I am wondering if you would like to swap with me.

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dellis326 (Danny)

hi Thanks for asking but my last Tacca died several months ago. I could not maintain enough humidity for them during our winter which are cold and dry. Even though I was growing it in hydroculture I couldn't keep it going. The last one started to recover as the weather got hotter and damper but it eventually crashed too.

I will probably try again with another package of seeds. I may need to grow them in a terrarium.

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Hi,Sorry to understand that your Tacca could not make it through the cold winter and thanks for your quick responds. May I know Which company did you order your seeds. I may want to order the seeds and try again to germinate the seeds.

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dellis326 (Danny)

I ordered them on ebay but I don't remember the seller name. It was almost two years ago. I only remember that they were from the southern US. It was only $3 or $4 dollars for the package.

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Thanks for your info.

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