Gardens & Greenhouses to see in Eastern IA/Western IL

Turkey_Creek(Z5 East IA)February 25, 2005

In previous years my Mom,my Aunt and my Sister-in-Law have gone to flower shows in Philedelphia, Chicago and Cincinnati. This year we would like to stay closer to home and travel to various gardens, greenhouses or arboretums in eastern Iowa or western Illinois. We are planning on going during the second half of June. Can anyone give me some ideas? If you know of any garden tours that occur around that time I'd love to know about those as well!

PS We love to eat too so any great places for food near gardens would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Iowa Forum. Many of the answers you seek have already been discussed on this forum and are available through the "search" function found at the top of the title page. Of course, I also encourage additional postings as well. However, if you want immediate results, "search" is the way to go.

Notice of regional and local events is one of this forum's best assets. Every year we make a point of posting local garden walks and other special events. I think you will find plenty of things to do and see.


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garasaki(z5 IA)

IB (or anyone else),

Do you know when Noelridge Park's Greenhouse (in CR) has their open house/sale event?

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Are you sure you don't mean the plant sale at Brucemore?

Brucemore Plant Sale
Saturday, May 14
9:00 a.m. - Noon


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I seem to remember something about Noleridge having a greenhouse sale, too. I just can't remember when... Here is their contact information.

Noelridge Park & Greenhouse
4900 Council Street NE
Cedar Rapids
Phone: 319-286-5762

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garasaki(z5 IA)

I just gave em a buzz. They don't sell any of their plants, ever. But they are open weekdays 7 till 3, easter weekend, and mother's day if anyone wants to go an look around.

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Maybe it's a farmers market that is there.. Beats me. I usually don't go to that one, I hit the roundhouse down in Czech Village.....

IA Z5qa

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garasaki(z5 IA)

They do have farmer's markets there.

I grew up less then a mile away from there (Not sure that's an accurate statement since it applies that I am already grown up). Used to check out the public garden area on walks with my mom regularly. Never been in the greenhouse though.

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