Why is my hydrangea so sad?

ady123May 17, 2010

I bought a hydrangea several weeks ago. I really, really want to keep it alive (I am very good at killing flowers) so I potted it with purchased soil. It's an endless summer variety, and the flowers are blue. Anyway, it did well for awhile, blooming just fine. Whenever it would wilt, I knew it needed watered, and afterwards it would perk back up just fine. Well, a few days ago it wilted. So I watered it. But it just wilted more. And more. The soil is still moist, so I have no idea what's wrong with it! The only thing I can think of that's different is that I gave it a couple squirts of fungicide/insecticide as preventative because some of my other flowers had been munched, and some of my veggies had gotten powdery mildew. The hydrangea is in a fairly shady corner, with more sun in the evening I think.

Thanks for your help!

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ok...you have watered it too much...you have a shady spot with evening sunlight...endless summer do not wilt because of the sun in a spot like that..it will however wilt because the plant's roots being rotted out due to overwintering...do not water anymore, in fact, since this is a new plant, I would dig up, put into a pot with some potting soil straight out from a bag (miracle growth, scotts or whatever brand), put it in a sheltered spot (away from direct hot sun, wind, rain) and see if the plant lives....if you get phytothora wilts - the soil where the plant used to live is infected with the fungus as well, remove them....your veggies getten powdery mildew could be a sign of the conditions of the spot - way too wet, not enough ventilation...and you keep on watering the hydrangea = massive fungal parties there...take the hydrangea out from the soil and see if it revives...my fingers are crossed though...you may also want to add some perlite to the soil water the hydrangea is planted - improve the drainage a bit...

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