Hydroponic Salvia D.

winterpeg_man(z3a MB)February 21, 2003

Has anyone had any success with growing Diviner's Sage in a bubbler..or any other aeroponic or hydroponic setup? I am thinking a 5gal rezevoir and 2 airstones, plastic mesh pot with clay pebbles and the salvia d. rooted in rockwool. I plan on using organic nutes .. Anyone try something similar?

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frodeo1(z5 UT)

Yes, Salvia D. grows very well in hydro, but it grows very fast ! I recommend a 250 Halide or (400 if, you can raise it up high.) The leaves will burn under constant intense exposure.

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Tried it in a Waterfarm-type system, an expanded clay filled bucket that has nutes pumped to the top of the bucket every hour. I used a 400w MH raised almost to the cieling so they wouldn't get burned and they grew like crazy! Hydro+Salvia=too much salvia real fast. lol! If it's for more than just yourself hydro will satisfy, if it's just for you I'd only do 1 or 2 buckets.

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Where can you get salvia seeds? I saw one place that sold cuttings and small plants but that was in canada, (I don't know if they will arive in georgia in good condition, and they have not had any in stock. any ideas?

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Also does any one know the appropriate n-k-p concentrations for Salvia?

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I found somthing sugesting 1000-1600 uS/cm to grow salvia. I think this is millisemens/centimenter but I don't know how that relates to ppm, which I am more familair with.

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winterpeg_man(z3a MB)

There are a few places in the states who sell cuttings, do a few searches and you will find them fairly quickly. I cant remember the webpage addresses right now but I know I found 3 or 4 willing to sell to US customers. And from what I have read the seeds are almost always non-viable..ie wont germinate.

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yup, the seeds are rare and don't usually grow. There's 2 clones of S.D. floating around. 1 is the Wasson clone, the other is the Blosser/Palatable clone. I suggest the Blosser/Palatable clone variety if you have a choice because it really does taste better than the Wasson.

As for PPM, don't run much higher than 1100-1200. They grow good in that range.

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hairypotterinwa(puget sound)

well looks like it has been almost a year since the last post so just for fun look at the online auction and search for salvia. im geting a new bubler with my tax return just 4 salvia from there. well since it is my first post, just let you all know that im not lazy, just have no caps key.

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Anyone have any experience/expectations of using an Ebb & flow system with Salvia D? Also, what nutes would you recommend water supply?

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does any one no if salvia does well in nft?and the older lower leaves turn brown why is this

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