slow germination

jeanniez5(z5IA)February 15, 2005

Is anyone else having trouble getting seeds started this year? I had good luck last year but this year even if they come up they are so slow and lack vigor. I've tried everything and the wave petunias as so expensive to lose them. Think I'll buy a bunch of the 10 for $1 seeds and see what they will do.


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Hmmmmmmm, you might try winter sowing. I winter sow and have great luck with it.

IA Z5a

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sos_acres(Z5 SE IA)

So far I've only started alpine strawberries. They came up fine.....then dried out and even a late watering wouldn't bring them back lol. I won't be starting any of my other seeds until March. Even the winter sowing works better (for me) started in March.
Do you use a heat mat or other warm spot to start them? The warm top of an old upright deep freeze is my favorite starting place. Another handy item is a single flourescent(sp?) bulb to set on top of those needing light to germinate. Just don't forget o water them ;)

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I've put out a lot of jugs for winter sowing. Real anixious to see how they do. I do have hollyhocks up in the house,after a week. It hasn't been long enough for the others. Will start tomatoes in a few weeks. I'll report as I see sprouts.

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Thanks for the responses. I think I have found the problem. I used Jerry Baker's method for seed starting and he says to use 2 T of Epsom Salts to each quart of soil. I think my Epsom Salts had some real salt mixed in with them because I tried some without the Epsom Salts and they came up just fine in 3 days. Never again will I use his method for starting seeds.
Now to reorder all the wave petunias and hope they get here in time to replant.

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