Will Impatiens Reseed?

gardenlove(z5-6)July 4, 2005

Hello!..I am in Zone 5-6...Will my double and single impatiens self sow in my zone?...I would like to grow them outdoors in pots this summer, then bring some indoors when it gets cold this fall(will they live and grow indoors?...and if so, at what time/temperature will I need to bring them inside so they do not die?)...it sure would be nice to have them more then just one season!...I just don't know if I need to save seed to restart indoors for next year?(which I will probably do anyway)..or if they are even possibly going to self sow and spring up here and there in my shade garden?...any thoughts and advise is appreciated..Thank you!...GardenLove

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You can pinch them back and bring them inside. But they get messy. They shed flower petals by the millions. But if you're like me, that's okay, in moderation. Need bright indirect light, water well once a week but don't let it get soggy for days on end. it'll rot. I usually just dunk mine in the sink once a week and let it drain well. Use porous soil mix. pinch back if they start to get leggy. In Feb or March, you can start taking cutting and root new plants for spring planting. You can do the same thing with begonias. Depending on your light availability, you may need to put a 'grow light' bulb in a nearby lamp.

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GardenLove- I'm not sure about your zone, but even with the occasional snow and freeeeeezing temps we get here I had quite a few volunteers (probably 50 or more) in my gardens. I'm not a random gardener though and have carefully dug and replanted them where I wanted them. There are also several threads about sprouting them from seed here you might want to read. Hope that helps.

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chapelhillgardener(7a NC OrangeCo)

From a flat of impatiens I bought and planted in my shade garden last year, I've got hundreds (!) of volunteers this year. They started blooming as soon as they emerged, too. The blossoms are all true to the colors of their parents. It has been such fun lifting them up and tucking them any place that's shady enough, and I've filled pots and hanging baskets galore. Such a pleasant surprise :)


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Last year I planted Impatien gladulifera, the Himalayan impatient in pots and they re-seeded in the garden .. some of them are already over 7' tall and in full bloom. .

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some pictures of them..tall plants against the greenhouse ,, and then beginning to bloom on 6/30 .. will take some current ones ,, they are over 8' tall now


and on 6/30

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flowers ..
More like the native orange flowered Jewel Weed than the common summer bedding impatients ...

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Hello michaelzz...WOW!....Now those are some impatiens on steriods!..They are gorgeous...You must be so pleased to have found volunteers....Thanks for sharing the pictures....your garden is full of such interesting colors!...GardenLove

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the same plants 7/19

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