Yellow Leaves

homersgarden(7)July 3, 2008

I posted something a while ago about one color of my impatiens not surviving, but now I have a new problem. Some of my impatiens are gangly and have yellowing leaves. I have NEVER had problems with impatiens before this year. Anyway, my impatien socks (plastic bag-like things with holes that impatiens grow out of) all have yellowing leaves, some of the impatiens in my containers have yellow leaves, etc. I have some that seem to be doing okay (these ones are in the ground). What am I doing wrong? I know we had a very cold spring and some of our tender crops have had a touch time this year (basil) and we are seeing issues, but not sure what to do. Thanks

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Yellow leaves usually mean too wet to me... But the impatien 'socks' (I call bags) I've found dry out pretty quick, so yellow leaves because of being too wet... ? Did you purchase or make the bags? I make the bags and I know that when they first start you have to keep them out of the sun - completely because the bag can warm up and fry the roots inside... ? Could that be happening to you? Are they in the sun at all? I started my 'bags' months ago and just put them on my fence in the last week because I was fearful about the bags getting too hot... ? Probably a question for Mr.Impatien...

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