Capping a rain gutter NFT channel

mikee77February 8, 2013

I want to use an aluminum rain gutter for my NFT channel. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can cap the ends of it though?

Also, I have a 75 gph water pump (EcoPlus 66) I was planning to use, since I've read that the solution in the channel should be slow-moving. Im using a 3 ft long NFT channel and will be putting 4 plants in each channel. Do you think the pump will be adequate, or will I need more gph?

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Since it is aluminum perhaps you could try to bend the ends to keep the water from spilling out the upper end.

I think the 75gph pump will move enough water, I would just check to make sure it has enough power (head) to pump the nutrient up from the reservoir to the channels. Usually if you only use fresh water you can return those pumps or exchange for a more powerful.

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I have only worked with plastic guttering. Isn't there a cap made for the ends? With plastic I screw the cap on to hold the weight of the water and then use silicone to seal it for leaks.

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If you direct the flow inside the tray to exit the pipe flowing away from the opening, the water should not come out the open end.
I use pvc downspout vs aluminum and stick a small end piece on "just in case" but ever since I learned that trick, backflow out the end has not happened.
also, bear in mind, with the speed of your nutrient flow, too fast is not a concern. And too slow is only a concern when you're making really long runs.

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Look at the picture on the bottom left. That is what I mean by having the water exit into the trough flowing downstream. Notice in the other pictures, one of my NFT runs isn't capped at all.

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Thanks "grizzman" for reply and uploading image of NFT set up. Can you suggest which nutrient would be beneficial?

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I use southerAG's soluble hydroponic solution but I suspect any well balanced hydroponic nutrient will do just fine.

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Thanks for reply. I don't think southerAG's can be beneficial in all phase (flowering, vegetative, etc.) of growing process. My friend has suggested advanced nutrients product which he used in growing process.

For more information visit

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That is strange. I've grown tomatoes from seedling to harvest using only SouthernAG. Does your friend work for Advanced Nutrients or do you?

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Hi "grizzman". My friend is fan of advanced nutrient and he had suggested me this nutrient. I want to grow best yield and that why I am trying to get best nutrient to make best and good quality of yield. You can suggest some best nutrients.

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Thank you all for the info.
Grizzman, you're always quick with a helpful answer- I appreciate it.

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Yes âÂÂmikee77âÂÂ, you're right. âÂÂGrizzmanâ always give quick helpful reply.

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