Last Year's Impatiens are showing up!!!

kateofmdJuly 10, 2006

I have a question for a more seasoned gardener then myself! I moved from cold Buffalo to the Baltimore/D.C. area last year, though I love gardens, I only created one garden that first month year, a shady front garden. Pink and White Impatiens lined the front of the bed.

....This year, I purchased white impatiens but I am finding tons of tiny impatiens plants forming at the back on the garden, under the rhodedendrons, along the foundation, just about everywhere. Most are pink.

Having moved from a colder climate, I find this surprising, is it commonplace for impatiens to reseed themselves all over? This year's plants are spreading and getting tall, the others are tiny and adorable right now.

I was thinkiing about two things, first can these annuals seed themselves and survive a Maryland winter? Or since the fall was a pleasant one, I left those plants in forever till I took the tops off, leaving the roots to waste away in the garden, could the roots have caused this?

No complaints, I am just curious.

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I have them coming up also. But I am sure they are from seed. First frost turns them into a slimy goo. Not many come up, but the seeds to seem to do good over the winter in more protected spots in the yard.



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Thanks for replying, I am finding all of these climate changes really amazing. Some are terrific like millions of little pink flowers and others like trying to keep moisture in my sunny deck plants are trying.

In the tougher climates of my past I never ended up with impatiens.

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Welcome to Maryland! Our summers can be pretty harsh. You might want to try mulching your deck plants. It helps the pots retain moisture.

I use shredded leaves but have used shredded hardwood mulch before.


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I have Impatiens from seed. It's pretty common even here where the winters can be very bad. The ones that appeared this year came up from seed from 2yrs. ago. Came up in cracks in a sidewalk no less, so the seeds are pretty darn tough if you ask me -- considering they went through two rough winters and still sprouted where the least amount of soil was available to them.

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