Ants on my plants!

goyanks34July 4, 2006

Does anyone know if ants can harm impatiens? I have been having some trouble with mine, some of the plants doing great, some getting weak and falling apart at the biforcation at the stem. I have recently noticed that there are a lot of tiny ants all over the plants. Some are dark brown or black and some are extremely tiny and are reddish brown. The plants are in rail boxes. I looked for aphids but I haven't been able to spot any, only some gnats and an occasional beetle (that I flick off). Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to spray any chemicals if I don't have to.



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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

Ants like to farm on the plants they wont hurt the plants directly. They also like the extra floral nectaries along the leaves. I would guess they might be useing your plants to raise their livestock like aphids, scale and mealies. You may have to use a systemic to get rid of the pests then the ants will find other fertile grounds to graze thier stock on.

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I am having the same problem my impatiens are starting to die.
I've noticed clusters of dirt all around the buds at the top of the impatiens stem. When I pick it off and pull the dirt/bud/flower cluster apart, there are tons of ants congregating inside the cluster.
I thought perhaps this was due to stink bugs biting in to the plants, leaching sweet substances that may be attracting an unusual amount of ants. At the rate this is happening, I will lose all of my impatiens.

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