First time small system

Nick90February 7, 2013

Hi everyone, this is my first hydroponic system so bear with me. Basically, I want to create a small single pot system to sit on my kitchen windowsil. I'm not sure what system would be best, i was thinking drip or aeroponics, what woul be easiest and the most compact?

I have bought a small water pump and other parts, but basically what i want to know is what size of reservoir would be required, probably just try it with some herbs to start.

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go with a simple bubbler/DWC system.

It's the one on the right. held about two cups of water in it and grew all the parsley I cared to eat.

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Cheers mate, can i ask how often you had to refill the reservoir?

The reason I'm not doing bubbler/DWC systems is because i've not been able to find a small or quiet enough air pump, however i have a a tiny and silent water pump.

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Air pumps themselves are not really "loud". It's more they vibrate what they sit on. When I want them quiet, I hang them on string with a spring at the top (maybe from a click pen) to damper the sound.
I refilled the reservoir maybe once or twice a week. It's kind of hard to remember. It was either my first or second hydro build so was several years ago.

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Thanks "grizzman" for reply. Your uploaded image and reply are informative for us.
Thanks for sharing it.

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Can the pump set up to create a whirlpool effect? If so, that would create enough agitation for oxygen uptake.

Great little window-sill system grizzman!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Growing Adventure

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Thanks Halfway. It was a simple bubbler type system made from one of those disposable tupperware containers.

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