Sick Impatiens

lindaloopsJuly 14, 2006

I planted a pot of white and fuschia impatiens along with potato vines and salvia and they bloomed beautifully in the beginning. After a few feedings with Miracle Grow and plenty of water, the impatiens are coming in brown-tinged and sick looking. The potato vines are doing okay, and the salvia are slow to bloom. What could be wrong? Might I have a pot that isn't draining properly and they may be getting root rot? The plants get full sunshine in the early morning till about 11am. Any help would be appreciated as I've never had this problem before.

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Hi Wisconsin,

You might think this is crazy, but I've managed to sentence 7 impatien plants to death so far (in less that 6 months). It always happens when I fertilize. I think there is a secret impatien fertilizer no one is telling us about. This time I tried Bayer Advanced (cause it was on the label with the plant when I got it)... sure enough, time to go back to the store.

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It's the fert. They don't like most ferts. -- especially liquid. Overfertilizing will kill them faster than anything. The one fert. they love are the Miracle Grow or Jobes sticks. One per plant. Fertilizing them technically isn't necessary at all. If you use potting soil that has the slow release food that lasts up to 9mos [Scotts], there is no reason to add any kind of ferts. for them at all.

It would be a better idea to not put them in with plants that require frequent fert. use.

Also, when it starts to get warm, move them to where they get no more than an hour of direct sunlight. Impatiens really prefer full shade. The full onslaught of summer sun will damage them regardless of anything else you do for them. It's simply too much for them to take even if the temps. don't go over 75-80.

Hope that helps.

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pinkcarnation(z6 MI)

This is how I grow them....hope it helps everyone! I am hearing the word "sun" a lot here. Impatiens don't like sun, especially on very hot days. Most of mine are in plastic pots in shady spots, but not dense shade. They get light but not direct sun, and they look great. For the last few years I have been using Miracle Grow potting soil...the one supposedly with enough fertilizer for one month, and I haven't fertilized them since potting them up. I have to agree with fizzgig on the fertilizing. I think you can overdo it. I know that some growers believe Impatiens need lots of fertilizer and water, but that hasn't been my experience. On really hot days, I will water them once or maybe twice a day, first completely wetting the soil and then misting them with a fine spray. If the temp is only in the 70-80's, I will water them mostly every day but sometimes every other day.... remember, they are in a shady location. In the past, I have experimented with growing them in sun and in part sun, but they don't like those conditions at all. The sun is just too stressful for them and dries them out too quickly. Once they become stressed, and this goes doubly for New Guinea Impatiens, they will never be the same. Most Impatiens will be OK if they get droopy and need water for a few hours or even a day, but the New Guinea's can't dry out at all! The plants will perk back up, but they will never bloom the same again!! Good luck to you all!!! I will post pics if I can figure how how to do it! LOL

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I use liquid miracle grow with no problems and sometimes Osmocoat. Medium to bright shade, no direct Sun on regular impatiens. Keep soil moist at all times.

I LOVE 'em!


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