Where can I find Tosa Ryokufu?

gardennatlanta(z7atlantaGA)May 21, 2009

I saw a picture of a very unusual looking hydrangea serrata called Tosa Ryokufu. Does anyone know of a place where I can order one?

Thanks. Jeff

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I only saw Canadian nurseries offering it. You may want to call nurseries to see if any has in stock and is not advertising it. Low stock plants may not appear in Internet listings and might only be available to local customers until the inventory grows enough to handle the large volume of Internet orders. Another possibility is to ask a local nursery to special order for you or ask a large hydrangea nursery if they would special order for you. Be prepared to pay extra for low volume shrubs though. I could not tell if it has a patent pending but if it does not, you can also try to see if someone already has one and can trade with you (check the Plant Exchange Forum).

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I forgot to mention that some -not all- nurseries in Canada can apply for USDA permits that allow them to ship certain plants to the states. If the ones that advertise this hydrangea in the Internet can do this, order it directly through them. Be aware that your credit card company will charge you something for converting US Dollars into Canadian Dollars too.

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This Hydrangea was once offered for sale by Gardensoyvey (Arlington, TN), but is not a current offering on their website.
You might contact them, to determine if they have a few in stock, if not, if they would consider propagating one (or more) for you. They are really nice people to deal with and one of Dave's GardenWatchDog's Watchdog30 companies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardensoyvey

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