Moles are awake!!!!!!!

Maggie4(4-5)March 2, 2005

Walking in yard and gosh the moles are awake!*!! Now I killed four last yr. Thought I had all of them. I hate moles!! They are on a feeding frenzy I think because there is no main trail. Does anyone eles have this and how do you get rid of them? Will set traps today.

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I had my first mole last year. I don't like the idea of poisens and I try to garden in harmony with nature and accept the good with the bad. I took a outdoor speaker and ran a wire from the garage to the problem area in the yard. Then hooked the wire to a looping tape recorder on which I had 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh. Within 2 days the moles had moved to the neighbors yard.

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I took my cat to the Vet today. The first thing she said was she had a mole working in her yard already. I have alot of pocket gophers and ground squirrels . I live on a farm. I noticed in the pature there is an awful lot of new mounds. We use the exhaust from the car to get rid of as much as we can. We pipe it into the hole. We have to get rid as many as possible. I hate to kill anything, but sometimes there isn't much else you can do.

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Rush Limbaugh, now that's an idea! He'd make anything move on.
How long do I leave the care running? I'm thinking with the radio tuned to Rush......

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Javern, you crack me up!

IA Z5a

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I saw in CR paper that had injured owl. That it's came from Canada. And their main diet is vols and moles.and they had shortage of their food there. Was going to fix it up and take back home. Why not bring more here. Mole dig the tunnels and voles us them to get to plants and bulbs.I have those things that vibrate. And don't want to use gas treatment too close to house. Read someone did that fumes seeped into basment. Water heater pilot kicked in blew basement up and fire.

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Before all of the nonsense begins, do yourself a favor and learn factual information about moles. I am posting a link below to the best informational site about moles on the Internet. Although it is a commercial site, it provides the best, most complete, honest information out there. Quoting from it:

' Homeowners get confused by all of the conflicting 'advice' on mole control. It seems like anyone and everyone has their two-bits worth of mole remedies and concoctions. They'd like you to believe that every control method or home remedy is worth trying. Over the years, I made it a point to learn all that I could about mole behavior and control. I've even lectured on the subject at Purdue, Ohio State University, Clemson and most recently Penn State University (January 1999). The bottom line is simple. Chemicals and home remedies (including castor oil, grub controls and poisons) don't work. They're not only ineffective, but allow the moles time to establish and become major problems. All knowledgeable sources consider trapping the only effective method of mole control!'


Here is a link that might be useful: The Mole Man

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I'm sure these ideas are to be taken with humor.
I'm sure we can be judicative about these things.
Now off to get rid of my moles!

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I've studied about Moles. I had the problem in my old home. I used a garden sprinkler and waited for movement and I took a pitch fork when I seen the movement. That is a long wait.The car exhaust worked in our neighbor hood. We all had a terrible problem. Three of us put the pipe in the run. We just checked down the runs to see if we could smell the exhaust. We go rid of our problem that year. We just Kept tabs on the problem from then on.

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I'm going to politely disagree with you. Yes, these ideas are to be taken with humor -- but I know that they won't be. :-( Far too many people read or hear about this stuff and actually take it to heart. We recently had a similar example on this very forum. (see link below)

Admittedly, the topic of moles is a bit of a hot button with me. I have seen far too many high-value landscapes obliterated by moles while worthless "cures" allowed the damage to continue unabated. A one-time investment in a simple mole trap will last a lifetime. I can usually rid my lawns of moles in a day or two with a trap I acquired some thirty years ago. I use the Victor harpoon trap which is simple, easy to use and most importantly, WORKS.

Perhaps one aspect of mole misinformation that irks me the most is that it promotes tons of needless chemicals to be dumped onto our lawns and thus into our environment every year. The fact of the matter is that about 95% of a mole's diet is earthworms. Only about 5% of the foods consumed are a mix of various beetles, insects, spiders and an occasional grub. Moles are NOT tunneling in your yard looking for grubs -- they are looking for earthworms. Many people see a mole in their yard and freak out. Instead of spending money on a mole trap (about 15 - 20 dollars) they will spend many times that amount on insecticides for grubs -- even though they probably don't even have a grub problem. Quoting Dr. Donald Lewis from Iowa State University:
"The worst offense committed in the name of mole control is the great landscape lie that insecticides will cure the problem. This mistake has been going on for a very, very long time and it seems to be constantly perpetuated by several things. One, many people want to believe there is a simple cure for complex problems. Two, there is a hint of logic to the gross oversimplification. Three, chemical control for moles is part of our folklore (as in, that's how we did it in the past). And finally, there is a great profit motive on the part of "pesticide peddlers" to sell insecticides and insecticide application services, even unnecessary insecticides that waste homeowner time and money and needlessly contribute to pesticide over-use."

OK. My rant is over. And yes ... I do have to admit that the Rush Limbaugh line was pretty funny. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Folklore garbage.

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I don't under stand why the "slow seed germination" thread was connected to folklore.I know that Jerry Baker's advise is mostly junk. Maybe that's what IronBelly meant. I do know that the exhaust from our car hasn't bothered anything in the ground around our place.I never thought of it as an insecticide or cemical. I only know what works for me and that was the answer I provided. I have the same trap and also one that was designed at I.S.U. The loop trap (I.S.U.)was the better trap in my eyes. Also much safer with young kids in the yard.

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The slow seed germination thread was linked only as an illustration of seemingly harmless, folksy advice creating needless grief for good people. I really feel for Jeannine. In good faith, she followed "advice" from Jerry Baker (or is that Jerry Faker?) and she paid the price. I just hate to see anyone go down that road if they don't have to. You are absolutely correct, "Jerry Baker's advice is mostly junk."

You are also correct that ISU has a slight preference for a different style of trap than I use. The harpoon-style trap that I use is the one that I learned to use and I have never needed another one -- I guess I'll just keep using it because I am familiar with it, it works so well and ISU also rates it highly. As with any other danger, when my boys were young, I educated them about it. They always steered clear of it. I often heard them warning visiting little friends about it as well, whenever they came over to play. One thing that I especially like about the harpoon-style trap is that I don't have to do any digging to set it.

Current information distributed by Purdue University's Pest Control Operations and authored by Robert Corrigan Ph.D. states "Trapping is the MOST reliable method of mole control." "Attempting to kill moles with poisonous gases (fumigants) generally is ineffective."

The problem with many of the alternative control methods is that you never really know for sure. By their very nature, moles are nomadic. People will say that they did this or that and after a few days, the moles went away. The truth is that if the people had done absolutely nothing, the moles would have left at the same time anyway. They just keep moving around willy-nilly looking for earthworms. Boundaries mean nothing to them.

It was great to see you in Cedar Rapids!


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iowaboy(zone 4/5)

I have used a trap successfully to kill moles. But I hate to wait for them to go through the run with it in.
I have had success with another method. After talking with an exterminator who said that moles can hear running water and escape from the tunnels and remain underground alive. I wondered if they could hear water running with a lawnmower in the vicinity. The answer is, not very well. It is satisfying to have those varmits come up to be relieve of their near drowning experience with a kick from my boot. I do have a slight slope to my yard that helps with the water flow. Even my neighbeor can attest to this method. I would not let him kiss me though.

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I think the pitchfork is the best mole remedy. But the Rush Limbaugh thing bears some thought, LOL!!

I knew someone once who fed anhydrous ammonia down the mole tunnels. I am pretty sure it killed all the moles--- and made a most interesting pattern in the yard. I DON'T recomment trying this!

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I think I have moles. Are they longish bodied (bigger than mice), shiny shiny black fur with stubby tails? I had seen something a few times come in the door to my garage, at first I thought it was a mouse, then as I thought about the thing I remembered it had no tail and wasn't really scared of me like a mouse would be. So, I caught two on glue traps in my garage last summer. Then, this winter I found a dead one in my basement! I haven't noticed holes or trails on my property. I'm just wondering.

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It might be a Shew. Moles stay under ground. Shews and Voles look a lot like mice. Unlike mice they eat grubs.

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Moles are pretty ugly looking little guys. My cats usually present me with a few each spring... Only a mother mole could love one....


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Okay now this is what we did for our little yard molesters.
I have used the trap and caught one, took three moves, but caught one. Also have used the gas bombs. Two were shoved back out of the ground so I got a knife and killed it when it moved the gas bomb. Now I'm not sympathetic for moles or mice. Two down how many more........who knows? But I will not give up. I will try anything.
Thanks for all the advice. Don't leave anyone, if we don't like what you say all we have to do is move on.
Think spring

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sunflower_ia(z5 IA)

I used to live in the country and had moles galore. I had too many acres to take care of and the moles would tear my my gardens and my yard. Moles multiply almost as fast as mice and rabbits. The only sure way of getting rid of them is getting rid of the grubs in your yard. I moved to the city and take care of the yard and haven't seen a mole. I have seen mounds across the street but never on my side. Good luck, moles can drive a person nuts.

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Sorry, Sunflower. "The only sure way of getting rid of them is getting rid of the grubs in your yard" is just not true.

I know that it is a widely held misconception. However, you have been snookered by one of the most successful chemical sales campaigns in history. Dr. Donald Lewis of Iowa State University goes so far as to call it "the great landscape lie".

I don't mean to sound curt but this is a topic that demands accuracy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Iowa State Info

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Hey There: I agree with everything Iron belly has said.
Moles are Carnivorous and do not eat Mole bait, which is
primarily grain based. Moles prefer earthworms and an occasional Grubs.
I had my first Mole after 17 years last Summer. It took
almost two Months to catch and kill it. I have two Mole
traps. They were tripped several times, but never got the Mole. I would mash down the tunnels wherever I saw them.
I would come back in about 30 minutes and watch for movement. A Mole will began trying to build up a tunnel,
that they actively using. I used two shovels. When I saw
the ground moving up and down in a spot. I shoved the shovel in at one end and started turning up the earth. You must be quick, but it will work. I flipped that Darn thing
up into the air about three feet. It emitted a strange
little noise, and began scurrying towards the driveway.
I turned the spade on it's side and quickly dispatched
I have recently seen more Mole activity this year, and
now at least I know what to do. I only hope I can get them all.

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I will have to try the 2 shovel idea. I have 4 traps, two of the pincher type and 2 of the ring type, if that made sense. These moles are filling them in with dirt/mud so they can't trip and then going around them. WTF, when did moles get smart? So far I have killed one but I think they are learning. Time to go get a few shovels. :)

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You might try the harpoon style trap. I just seem to have better luck with them. Just remember to pre-puch the holes made by the harpoon so that there is no delay to penetration.

Curiously, just the other day I had a guy telling me at work how he tried the other types and the moles just burrowed around them too. I have never seen this with the harpoon style traps.


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We live near the Blue Ridge Parkway. And moles and voles were ruining my veggie garden. They especially loved my strawberries! Last year I got 6 Mole Plants (Euphorbia lathyris) and spaced them around the 75' x 75' garden. The pesky little critters moved out! They are now out in the 4 acres of field and meadow, but I'll figure out how to get rid of them there, too. Probably more Mole Plants. All I can tell you is after numerous attempts at other ridding techniques -- These Mole Plants worked for me :-)

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Another thread suggested Juicy Fruit Gum - moles eat it but can't digest it and die. Sounds too easy! Anyway, diesel oil down the hole seems to either kill them or drive them off. Don't know for sure, never saw one again to ask him what it is that he didn't like.

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