My progress thus far

ottawapepperFebruary 20, 2008

Hi folks,

A while back I posted a few shots of my first hydro attempt using bubble buckets. Thought IÂd post a few current shots. Thanks to all of you here for my success thus far.

A cherry tomato this sucker is going to get big. Any advice on cutting it back?

This bucket has a combination of lettuce, spinach and cilantro. IÂve already harvested and restarted new lettuce and spinach crops.

Here are three Bhut Jolokia HOT peppers. TheyÂre slow growers but seem to be doing well in the bucket.



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Way to grow Bill! What's the white media?

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nice lookin' system you've got there.
you'll want to prune all the suckers off as it grows. as it gets taller, you can cut off lower leaves and begin to lay the lower stem over to keep the height down. just like they do in commercial tomato hydro farms.

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Charlielittle, thanks for the positive feedback! The white media is perlite. I have found that it works well for smaller crops. The tomato is not being supported very well in it though. I'd transfer the tomato to clay pellets but the roots are way too big now!

Gizman, thanks you too! I've been trying to get the suckers as they appear. I'm thinking I'm going to trim the lower leaves/branches as you suggest.

Lesson learned, grow determinant tomato species... not hyper indeterminate ones!!! LOL

Thanks again,


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Wow, looks great. What kind of nutrients are you using?

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