Looking 4 Dutch White Clover Seed

iowa50126(z5IA)March 6, 2006

I'm planning to add some clover back into the sunny parts of my lawn this season. I'm planning to go totally organic on my yard this year. It's more of an "experiment" than a reject of synthetic lawn care.

I'm looking for a dealer who sells Dutch White Clover seed.

My local stores only have red cover and other "deer food" tall covers but no White Dutch.

I have found 2 dealers on the internet who carry this seed but...the shipping is $9.00 for $6.00 worth of seed... however, my frugal disposition finds this offer hard to accept.

Pete in IF

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dirtdoctortoo(z4b/5a IA)


I was trying to confirm if I saw this in the Gurney's catalogue but my hubby purged my catalogues. I thought I saw white clover seed in there. Are your neighbors going to love you if you plant clover? It is kind of pretty and carefree but be cautious if anyone in your household is severely allegic to bees. Hey, if you want indestructable I can alway give ya some of my creeping charlie! :)


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I killed the clover in my lawn 3 summers ago...when I finally got rid of my "creeping charlie".

I live on a corner lot and my one contiguous neighbor has a yard full of "charlie", weeds, dandelion, crabgrass and some clover...so my clover won't even be noticed.

I already have lot of bees because of my flower beds.

I'm just trying to use less lawn fertilizer and water by adding the clover to help fix some free N. Back in the 50's and before the Scott/Ortho Co. convinced all of us clover was weed...most lawns had some clover and thrived.

Thanks for the Info

Pete in IF

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dirtdoctortoo(z4b/5a IA)


I hope I didn't offend you. I just didn't want you to "enjoy" an experience similar to one I had with an intensely unpleasant neighbor that used to live next to me.

I completely agree with you with the desire to not dump all those chemicals on my lawn and into the ground water. Before we attempted to suppress the creeping charlie, which if you think about it is actually pretty when it blooms, we had little tree frogs in the yard. Now we don't. I also don't believe in watering my grass. I, unfortunately, live in a town of what the hubby and I call Lawn Shavers. They mow the grass off at 1 1/2 or 2 inches then water it when it browns out in the summer. The same guy that used to come and swear at me about the clover in my yard had a yard full of dandelions and creeping charlie. Go figure!


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I found some Dutch White Clover seed at the Earl May store next to Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines today.

It was more per pound that the seed I found on-line but it ended up being less expensive as the on-line seller had really high S&H.

Pete in IF

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Try the Welter Seed & Honey Co. out of Onslow, IA.

I got 10 lbs for $30. Shipping was $8.

Tel. 1-800-728-8450

Here is a link that might be useful: Welter Seed & Honey Co.

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Thanks for the info on Welter Seed.

I must admit I didn't know where Onslow, IA was...

My Iowa DOT Map says it's east of Anamosa, in Jones County, with a of Pop. 223 and about a 225 mile roundtrip from my house.

I planted my Earl May clover seed about 2 weeks ago and so far I have not seen any germination.

Although, I've dug up a pail full of black medic with my weedhound this week that I thought might be clover. But it's definately black medic as it has the taller center stem. And, it was in the same spot last year...

So, at this point I don't know yet if I'll have clover or not. I always think of Murphy's Law in situations like this.

If you plant clover-it won't grow...if you try to get rid of clover - it won't die...Murphy's Law.

Pete in IF

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This product cannot be shipped from the U.S. into Canada so i need to source it in Canada. Any suggestions would be appreciatedâ¦...

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