Too much of a good thing (pics)

tom8olvr(Z5 MA)August 18, 2008

We have had so much rain this year (I had the sprinklers put in last year and I haven't even run them) that my little loves are rotting in the ground!

The places where it drains better the plants are looking ok:

I'm a fan of the new guineas - everyone said they weren't going to grow (from seed)... not only did I get nearly 100% germination - but they grew really well in the house - and here they are looking (I think) fantastic outside in a flower bed (that I thought got too much sun for regular imps.

Loved this flower - some mutation or something:

How are other's fairing??

this is last years display (for comparison)

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hosta_house(IL 6)

I always enjoy seeing your pics. I tried new guineas for the first time this year and they are doing great and I like the foilage contrast but it hasn't bloomed as much as I would like, I think I have it in too much shade.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

I'm a real convert with the new guineas. They really are pretty
but I'm curious as to where the heck to get their seed. I mean
I get some wholesale catalogs and they offer plants o'plenty
of all varieties of NG impatiens - doubles and funky colors
that I would love to get my hands on - seed. Does anyone
have a good source for NG impatien seed???? !!

Thanks, I hope that the pictures help with my experience of
the flowers. I DO have to say even though they're not so
good this year with as much rain as I've had they still really
are colorful - which is my main objective. They don't look
as full, but heck, I can't complain, really. Thanks, I'm glad
to hear the pictures help... :) Makes it worth it!

Ok, back to business - the NGs that I started were very interesting
to me. They were essentially a 'mix' even though they were
supposed to be 'Java Coral Flame' (I think that's what they
were supposed to be!) BUT they are a definite mix of that. Some
are straight coral/salmon colored, some have a flame, some have
dark foliage, some have reddish foliage, some are light green
foliage... etc... but where I was going with this (you
were saying they aren't blooming as much as you'd like...)
is that ONE of the plants has NO blossoms on it - NONE.
IT's strickly foliage... I don't know what causes that!
But you reminded me of it.

I'll keep posting pictures!


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