How/When to harvest Impatiens seeds

nanaclaire(5b)August 30, 2011

I know there is a little green pod that needs to mature, but need to know when is the best time for zone 5a 5b ...says 6 for me but I think metro Detroit is zone 5a or 5b. Anyway, does the green pod turn brown?

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Hi. The green pod will not turn brown. It vill explode when it is mature.

Impatiens is a very easy plant to collect seeds from.

This is my way of harvesting the seeds.

Greetings from Norway

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ooh, Thanks ABC-impatiens... I will try that. What a nice way to display how to do this.


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One more question. Does that green seed pod happen AFTER the flower dies off and is left with a seed pod? I didn't see one; I read there was one. Thanks again,

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The pods will form after the flowers are successfully pollinated. Some hybrids (most of our impatiens are hybrids) will produce very few seed pods, though, and those seeds rarely result in a duplicate of the mother plant. The cultivars that do produce pods create a BUNCH of them!

Great pictures, ABC!

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