wanting to kill grass and weeds.

IowacassMarch 9, 2014

I live in south east Iowa. I fenced in an area for a garden but the weeds are very aggressive and big. The area that it is in had never been touched it's natural Iowa field. My question is if I put plastic tarps over the entire garden cover with gravel and then put raised planters on top and fill with good soil. Will this kill all the weeds and grass and have a successful garden area.

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Too bad you didn't prepare last fall. You could have covered the entire area with black plastic and by planting time would have a good head start on most of the weeds. Iowa soil is so fertile it doesn't make sense to put raised beds unless there are other factors, like too wet, subsoil a builder left behind, etc. Could you hire someone to till it and then mulch heavily? You will still have some weeds to contend with, but much of the grass and weeds will just enrich the soil. Mulch can be anything from newspapers to wood chips to compost to old carpet cut into strips. It prevents seeds from sprouting, kills many weeds, and preserves moisture in the soil.

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