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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)March 4, 2005

Someone out there may recall a movie by that name, but what I mean is this -- report those first signs of spring as the warm air moves north.

Today was the first day for crocus among the stepping stones (fooled 'em!) in the garden east of the house. Just the early little yellow ones, but still, there they are!

OK you gardeners -- check in. Let's follow the sun northward.

(and if there is anyone reading this who is farther south, let's hear what you've seen)

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hostas and sedums peeking up

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Iowagal(z4 IA)

Robins here at the top of Iowa since Feb 19th, and cedar waxwings have been here for the past week now, just passing through in the early spring. That, and the geese are now flying north. No plants showing any signs of life yet, but the frost is starting to come out of the ground in a few places, so it can't be long.

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Crocus, few plants peeking and the gardener also starting to come alive here.

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

The geese are flying north over my house and my daffodils are up!! Sure signs of spring!!! We have a little snow predicted for tues night (always snows on my b-day) here in SW Iowa :( but we can use the moisture and no really cold temps--
Beautiful today--50°

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OKAY who said the "S" word?

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I've been stuck in neutral for a while; have had snowdrops blooming for a month, but not much else, now Cyclamen coum, and Scilla tubergeniana,and Helleborus niger, and one primrose blooming. Lots of stuff ready to pop.

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tam88(z5 IA)

The sedums are up, hostas just starting. Alot of my bulbs are up but no blooms, not even the crocus. Though I think that they will open soon! Just in time for it to be back down into the 30's. Oh well that just makes a day like today even better!!

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The pussy willows are just opening here. Watl

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I have one lonely little white crocus blooming it's little fool head off on the south side of my sunporch. :) I've got peony peeking out of the ground, and the tree peony is budded up and waiting for an appropriate time to pop. :) The iris is stirring, as is the daylily. Tulips are starting to awaken. Deer are checking things out, saw tracks in several different beds. Might have to get a poochie.

IA Z5a

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uicricket(z5 IA)

Yesterday I hung all of the bedding out and opened all the windows. Just a few daffodils and tulips peeking up on the east side of the house.

Today it's spitting snow. Sigh ...


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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

Hmm...robins in the north? I guess we're just too windy and open out here. DID finally see a friendly group near Sullivan, yesterday, though.

Nothing is green but my Reliance Peaches have big, fat buds swelling all over.

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