Help WORRIED about Kyushu Tree

ditasMay 18, 2011

Good Morning ~ I consulted 2 nursery men w/ 2 different advices & sent pix to another where (originally) I got Kyushu 6 year ago (no response yet). I have posted 2 years ago about this lovely tree when her center top cane full of blooms, was taken by a tornado that came through.

She was fine last season & a red Cardinal even built a nest w/ 2 babes on her sheltering limbs!

Will appreciate any ideas & TIA!

I hope George(Ego45), Luis & Hayseedman would chime in!

Here is a link that might be useful: Worried about Kyushu

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PS ~ please click to pic to see closely. Thank you!

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Hello, ditas. Sorry for the late reply. I have a case of allergies, cough, sneezing going on. Oh joy!

I could not clearly see the areas near the main trunk. They were to dark or fuzzy on my monitor. There seemed to be "something" on the last one that suggested a borer insect recently "digging" thru the bark or woodpecker type of bird maybe???

Where the holes are hollow, it looks like what some stems looklike when they dry out and middle soft parts decomposes with time first.

I almost lost a tree to those borer insect pests five years ago. Is the top of the tree still looking normal?

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Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts ~ Luis! In the album you'll also see the way Kyushu tree looks like ~ healthy green and full. I did prune just to shape her head evenly ~ just how I discovered the holes as I was checking the area of where tornado broke her off.

I'll probably go ahead & use the *Tree & Shrub* insect control water-solu. mix I brought home last night after consulting w/ 1 of the nurseryman. I was told that it won't harm the tree if it turns out not to be so. Better err on the safe side ~ I just hate using chems!

Thanks again!!!

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I went ahead & erred on the side of *can't go wrong* ~ dribbled *Shrubs & Trees* recommended treatment for possible borers ~ around the peripheral circle-drip-line of this *Princess Kyu* ~ w/ fingers crossed I hope it helps.

I applied sunny-2 days ago & now it is raining moderately I hope it does not dilute the treatment lest will have to repeat ~ what do you think Luis?

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