Lost Ken Lafferty

koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)March 7, 2005

Was very sad to hear Ken had passed away. Have called him many times with gardening problems. And when my beds was over-sprayed from farm field. Told me who to contact. And not to give up. Got Dh and me using Alfalva third cutting on veggy's. Have less plants and more yield. He said had to golf cart to get around his property. And when he couldn't do the Channel 9 show. That was sad day. You had to have speed dial or couldn't get in.

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Here was an example of a man who made a difference. With certainly minimal financial rewards, he continued to enlighten and delight the state of Iowa with his love of gardening. He will long be remembered -- and missed.


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tam88(z5 IA)

I had the pleasure of attending several of Ken Lafferty's talks over the years. He truly loved gardening and conveyed that to people. I enjoyed listening to him on Channel 9 and the radio. He will be greatly missed!

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uicricket(z5 IA)

I also enjoyed Ken's classes. He had a gift for sharing his enthusiasm and love for gardening with all of us, and we will continue to share with others. I really appreciated his practical, no-fuss approach and some of the best advice I ever got. -- "If it looks good leave it alone" and "if you get a little mulch in the grass who cares?"

We'll miss you, Ken.


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iowaboy(zone 4/5)

I would listen to him at work on Wednesdays. Since I always had a notepad available, I would take notes of his advice. I have taken notes for plants from Azaelas to Zinnias and many topics in between.
My father would listen too.
More recently Ken took over a Saturday at 7:00 program. That became my time to put the headphones on and worked in the garden.
These were the fastest hours in the week.
I was concerned about him recently. He was advocating keeping moles around to aerate the ground. Well being the tree lover he was, they did not destroy his lawn. Maybe he believed in reincarnation.
Sorry, Ken, I still go after those critters with a passion.

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