My new Glowing Embers

minjikimleeMay 13, 2013

Hi all!

I just planted Glowing Embers in my front yard yesterday. It is planted near a Crape Myrtle (new as well) which was supposed to give my Hydrangea some shade... But what I didn't realize that it is not all enough now to do so. This spot gets sun from approximately 9:30AM-1:30~2pm, so it does get some afternoon sun. When Crape Myrtle is larger, it should block out some sun I think. Would my Glowing Embers be ok until Crape Myrtle grows tall enough?

Should I just plan to water more frequently until it establishes itself? It was still in the pot outside for about a week before we planted in the ground, and I noticed some browned leaves when I planted yesterday. It rained a LOT that week in my area, so I did not water the pot every day. But maybe rain + my watering wasnt enough for it? Or was this being damaged by too much sun???


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springwood_gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Eh, that amount of sun shouldn't do too much damage in Summer. Make sure there's about 2" of mulch or equivalent at the base to help keep the soil moist. Properly hydrated hyd. mac. shouldn't droop too bad in full sun unless they're dehydrated. Otherwise, just some slight wilting or browning around the edges of leaves and flowers can occur.

You can try misting the flowers / foliage heavily every day during dry spells, as they can absorb and retain moisture.

If little rain in Summer, water the plant (20-30 seconds) around the base with "shower" setting on your spray nozzle, 3 or 4 times weekly.

Aside from those things, a higher number of days with rain and overcast skies will greatly help with growth of the plant, otherwise it just won't grow that quickly as it continually needs time/energy to recover from the heat.

And... I'm not sure how prone Glowing Embers is to browning, but I've read the color of its flowers "acts" faded to begin with, which may be increased by sun.

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It's pretty easy to make a dandy shade cloth with two stakes, an old sheet, and some clothespins.
Just sayin'...

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Here in the northwest both my Glowing Embers are planted in full sun and do well.

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madeyna - that's good to know!

Since it was planted on Sunday, I haven't seen any sign of wilting or browning. I am watering based on the moisture level. It has been fairly cool past few days, but it is supposed to get hot next few days, so we will see!

Hoping for a success with this one, and I will buy many more next year!! :)

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PNW sun is extermely mild compared to anywhere else in the country - we are further north than almost any other location in the continental US. But having said that I still would not recommend planting any bigleaf hydrangea in full sun. Even here in the north Puget Sound area, Hydrangeas macrophyllas in full sun will experience daily wilting in summer and the flowers become bleached out in color rapidly. Sun to around 2pm should be just fine. It is the intense and hot afternoon sun that should be avoided.

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