What have you got growing? How are they doing?

windfarmMarch 23, 2006

Just wondering what people have growing right now...

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Rose of Sharon, Hosta's, Herbs, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cardinal Vine, Hibiscus, Moonflower, Nastertums(SP), Cone Flower (various kinds), Blanket Flower, BellFlower, Much more. Ran out of room along time ago!!!!! Started some a bit early, I think I saw a bloom on the Marigolds already.

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sos_acres(Z5 SE IA)

Brocoli, brussell sprouts, cabbage, kohlrabi, 28 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 5 varieties of peppers, onions, and 4 varieties of lettuce. Doing pretty good, a little slow for my liking tho. About ready to pot them up as most are just getting their first set of true leaves. We have had so many gloomy days that everything is in front of windows and under lights. Between the lights on them and the heat lamp on the baby chick we don't need to turn any other lights on at night at all lol

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uicricket(z5 IA)

My spring bulbs are starting to peek out so I'm feeling a little springy. I've never had good luck starting seeds in pots so I have to wait until I can plant outside. Cats + dirt in the house = very bad things! I'm getting itchy to plant something - anything!


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