impatiens mystery

hispoesisSeptember 8, 2012

I have had masses of impatiens all summer. Every year they just spring up, "volunteers" in all colors. Suddenly about two weeks ago, I only have bare stems with a few leaves at the top and here and there a single blossom! Huge plants are only bare stems! What is most odd is that I can see no fallen leaves! What happened to them? Could it be downy mildew (read about on this Forum). We have have had a wet, humid Spring. I live in Central Virginia.

Thanks very much!

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Sounds like what happened to mine!!I live in Portsmouth to Norfolk VA.I hope mine did this because of the wet soil and not mildew!See my post on drowning impatiens...

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Thanks so much, Violetvamp. It's nice to know my experience is not unique! Where do I find your post on drowning impatiens. I am new to this site.

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Hispoesis,My post titled "Drowning Impatiens" is on the Forum a few posts above yours.I went out to look and I did find some downy mildew on some potted impatiens (which are also now dying)!!There is a good article on the post on this forum titled "Sick Impatiences"(spelling is wrong).Scroll down and read the comments and you will see one with a link called "Downy mildew".Click on that and it takes you to an informative article on the impatiens problem!!By the way what does "hispoesis" mean?

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mistascott(7A VA)

I haven't seen a healthy looking impatiens (walleriana) plant in my area for a couple months. Downy mildew appears to be pretty widespread.

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That's awful about the disease epidemic of downy mildew.

I've read where incorporating vermicompost into the potting medium helps boost immunity to several plant diseases. I wonder if it would be effective against this disease?

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