Orange Hydrangeas?

jennynashville(9b)May 9, 2010

Ok, at this point I'm almost positive that these do not exist, but this is my absolute last try at finding out.

In 2008, I saw this sort of bad movie called "Rachel Getting Married" (Anne Hathaway, recently out of rehab, gets dramatic at her sister's wedding). While the idea for the movie made me cringe, the actual wedding footage was gorgeous and I SWEAR I saw orange Hydrangeas. They were astounding. They may not have been what I thought they were, because in 2008 I knew even less about plants than I do now, but they looked exactly like Hydrangeas. Is it unheard of to color Hydrangeas orange? Especially for a movie I could see them doing this, but how? With dye? And if so, is it the sort of thing where you put the dye in the plant's water, or would you do dip the petals in it or, or, or... help?

(I actually also just emailed the "greensperson" for that movie to see if she could provide some sort of insight into what I may have seen, I think I just need closure, ha).

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As far as I know there is no such thing as 'orange hydrangea'.
However, mature blooms on 'Matisse' (red in pH over 7.0) has a kind of orange-brick-terracotta color.

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Go to and follow her instructions on how to dye hydrangeas. I have dyed mine every colour under the sun, and I have also spray painted them for a wedding I did last fall. Both worked teriffic.

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I bet they were dyed or sprayed. I'm pretty sure there are no naturally orange hydrangeas. There are so many ways to dye hydrangeas, and some of them look very natural.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steps to Dyeing Hydrangeas

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Look at this:

It says they are "tinted".

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This Picture was taken in Knoxville, TN, November 6, 2014. It is very much alive and undisturbed.

I want to know more about the orange hydrangea but my searches are all dead ends.

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Probably spray painted like this article...

Orange Hydrangea Article

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It looks like an artificial flower stuck in the dirt with a real bush to me.

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OK, let's be perfectly straight here. There are NO orange flowering hydrangeas........they simply do not exist. It IS possible for some white flowered hydrangeas to age to a peachy-rose color, much like the above photo - virtually all hydrangea flowers do go through a variety of color changes as they age on the plant - but they do not start out with that coloring.

The above photo looks like a paniculata that has taken on some interesting late season coloring but the flower started out white. Any orange colored hydrangea flowers you find will be either the result of the flower aging process or dyed/painted. They do not bloom that color. Period.

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