Make your own plant starters

JewelsIA(5 SE corner IA)April 8, 2004

If anyone is interested, you can make your own little starting pots out of newspaper. The newspaper breaks down like a peat pot. What you will need to make the little pots:

Newspaper- use only the black and white pages not any of the pages with color.

Tomato Paste or any can size that is similar

Small bottle of glue (non-toxic) or you could use a flour and water paste.

Start by cutting the newspaper into three long sections, going from top to bottom. They should be about equal size. Now take a strip and wind it around the can just below the lip edge of the can. Wrap it snug but not so tight as to where the paper will not slide off the can. There should be an overhang of paper at the other end of the can. We will deal with that in a minuet. Dab a small amount of glue to the outside edge where you finished off your strip of paper and attach another strip and finish off with a little bit of glue to hold the paper down, a tiny bit will work with a little pressure. Make sure that the tube you just made will slide off the can but donÂt pull it off just yet. Fold the overhanging paper flat against the bottom of the can, like you fold the end of a package, but use only three folds if you can, dab with a bit of glue so it will stay closed and slide it off the can. Walla! You should have what looks like a little newspaper tube, with one end closed, now, repeat the process until you have as many as you need.

When I fill up these containers I usually sit them next to each other to help keep them all upright. And I set them in a container like a plastic shoebox or an empty meat container. They will hold up until you get your new seedlings into the ground.

They can be popped right into the ground as the newspaper will breakdown as long as it is covered with dirt. Enjoy! Julia

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jamlover(z4 Iowa)

Hi, I've never actually tried this but read of it several times.
Think they used a purchased (wouldn't you know) form of wood for a can. Have most everything going now but will try it when spring work lets up.

This is the time of year I wonder about my brain____ 70 daylily, 60 other perennials, rasp and rose beds. Oh well, it will be nice when it is all cleaned off and shining in the sun.

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Thanks for your time sharing the plant starter pots! I have garden club at my house next month, and I'm gathering garden tips to share with our group. This will be a great addition!

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