Fusion Impatien updates?

wardw(z6 NJ)October 5, 2005

I know a few of you grew them this year, but no one has submitted any updates.

I grew a patch of the yellow ones this year. They were not sited in an ideal area. I had space under my back porch overhang in very lean dry sandy soil where they received very hot sun for several hours in late afternoon.

They grew slightly less than two feet tall and had the habit of african impatiens - few side shoots. Next year I'll cut the new plants back by half to encourage more side shoots. They were never out of flower from the moment they were planted and still aren't. Sometimes the flowers were clearly yellow and orange, but at other times more white and pink. The later may have been slightly faded flowers, but I'm not sure. The plants required watering about every other day, and if I missed a watering the plants would wilt. Our summer was rather hot and very dry, and as I mentioned above, the soil was very lean.

My conclusions are that this is a fantastic plant. I would love to plant a large patch in a woodland garden setting where it could really show its stuff. I was hoping that some of my hummingbirds would visit the flowers, but never detected any activity at the plants.

I'd love to hear from others who grew this plant, including how it was sited.

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MrImpatiens(Zone 9 CA)

I grew mine a little rougher than you. Ok one was babied in the greenhouse and got to a good size, only about a foot. Another was outside in a four inch pot the whole time I have had it. It flowered and grew a little never to its full glory. The redish one grew the same but did flower much more than the yellow. I do prefer the yellow myself.

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