single tomato plant setup HPS or fluroescent?

animus_divinusFebruary 11, 2012

hey everyone.. im starting a hydroponic tomato setup to grow a tomato plant indoors, itll be grown in a cage thatll be about 4 feet tall, maybe 2x2 feet diameter...

anyway, i was going to use a 100w HPS bulb to grow this, lumens produced is apoximately 9,500 lumens

however, two 54w T5 lights produce 9,000 lumens, however, since the heat is far less, and the lights are longer they can be placed closer to the plant itself, and instead of a more expensive HPS ballast, a simple 48" fluorescent fixture can be used.. bulbs cost about the same...

so positioning either light from the side, in a box that will be reflective on 3 sides is it better to have a 100w HPS further away to cover more surface area and reduce heat on the plants, or use two 54w t5 lamps placed closer, and allowing the overall length of the bulbs covert the entire plant with light?

also, im using a deep water culture system in a 5 gallon bucket using a small air pump to agitate and oxygenate the solution...

well thanks in advance for any advice

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Make sure you check the lumens away from the bulb where the leaves will be. If both systems provide the same lumens where needed, there is no reason use the hotter light. Normally, fluorescents lose lumens quickly away from the bulb, but if you're lighting from the side this may not be much of a problem.
Also, make sure your bulb or bulbs provide the right spectrum of light for both leafy growth and bloom growth.

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