Tomatoes & Strawberries

aarongreen123February 27, 2013

I have never grown anything, ever. I have always been interested in hydroponics and have read a lot but never had a chance to do anything with it. My wife wants to grow strawberries and tomatoes this year, and she wants lots of them to make sauce and can. Can these grow together in one system? I like the systems made of corrugated pipe that zig zag back and forth down an A frame, looks simple enough to build without breaking the bank if it fails miserably. VipVenom had posted a sweet looking system that I thought I would copy unless someone warns me off. PVC if not the corrugated. I am in upstate NY and plan to grow exclusively outdoors.
I like to dive in head first, but tell me if this is just idiotic.

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You can grow anything in a hydroponic system if you have the right setup. I'm also from NY on the southwestern end.

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That system will probably work for what you want to do. you just need to be careful to not let the tomatoes shade out the strawberries and watch the tomato plants closely. they can develop giant root systems which could clog the pipe of smother out the strawberries.

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maybe would be best to separate them into two sections and use a common resevoir?

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