New Guinea Impatiens Indoors in winter?

leviu(z7 MD)October 28, 2005

Hello all,

I am a newbie when it comes to impatiens. I bought a lovely salmon colored plant in middle summer. It did well for a short time where my other conventional shade loving impatiens were, but then quit flowering. I moved it to a partial southern exposure, and it had lots of green but no flowers. I made sure it was getting a bloom booster fertilzer, no luck. I quit messing with it and almost forgot about it until I was bringing plants in before the first frost here a few days ago.. It hardly has any leaves (a few) and the stems are yellowish but turgid, with tiny leaves beginning to push out the joints. Some of the stems have broken off and the joints there are dried flat and clean and are brownish. Can I overwinter it? What kind of light does it need? Moisture? Is it worth trying? Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you


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I think it's definitely worth bringing in and nurturing. I have three, they were rescues - two are still in bloom in the kitchen - one was in the bathroom where it's darker and stopped flowering; it seems when they stop it takes a while to get them off again, but now, in the east window of the sitting-room, I see tiny buds. This plant is a brown-leaved one with orange flowers; perhaps orange/salmon-flowered ones are a bit more pernickety? The other two are a pinky-white and a rose pink. But I think it's probably a light thing - they definitely like good light, and it takes a while for them to start flowering once they stop, that seems to be the answer. Good luck with yours!

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leviu(z7 MD)

Thank you Marguerite, I am going to to give it a go!

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larry_c(z6 Stl. Mo.)

I have been digging mine for 3 years now. I cut them back hard and put them into the small plastic holders that they came in. The results are great. They live under shop lights all winter and will go back next spring. I can divide them each year. They are blooming right now. > reminds himself to cut them back soon.

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leviu(z7 MD)

Thanks! I have them in the south window and they are coming back nicely - When should I feed - in the late spring?...when should they begin to bloom? Thanks again!

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