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l84tea(IA Zn5)April 20, 2006

Hi! I am new to the forums. We just bought a new house at the end of last summer and I have all sorts of things coming up and I have no clue what they are! I do have a ton of Hostas I broke up last night and put in pots if anyone is in the iowa city area and interested.

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

184tea, Welcome to the Ia Gardening forum. If you would like to swap your hostas, check out the link on the exchange side of this forum! Morse is only about 4 miles outside of Iowa City on Hwy 1.

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l84tea(IA Zn5)

I am actually in Solon! :) Even closer yet!
I have lots of stuff coming up but I am clueless what is weed and what isn't! argh...

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

Happy to see a new member - welcome!

Patience with the up & growing stuff. You might find a neighbor or gardening friend who can walk the garden and talk about what they remember, or know, and you can always wait and see what happens. For me, it's the waiting that's the hardest part!

Generally speaking, the teeny tiny plants that are everywhere and are all alike turn out to be something that's either a weed, or a flower that self-sows like a weed. The other thing that's a weed in my garden is tree seedlings from a nearby locust, and all those forgotten acorns that the squirrels planted last fall. And then there are the invasive grasses, especially if the house was empty during the last growing season.

Larger plants, especially when they're singles, or in groups of three, or in a border, are the intended garden plants. Most perennials are up by now and have distinctive forms and leaves. They look like VIPs.

Sounds like you're going to have some fun this summer! Hope to meet you are the Morse swap.


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I agree patience is your virtue,I wouldnt touch anything yet.Take pictures while in bloom and bring them to any garden center or e-mail here for identification

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lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)

Hi there !! Nice to see some new "faces" on the forums !! We don't get too many visitors to the Iowa Gardening forum !!

How is everyone planning on handling this stinky cold weather today ? I heard we could get frost (I'm in Dsm) and a friend of mine in West Des Moines said she saw flurries this afternoon !! It was 72 degrees yesterday !!!

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I'm new here too and just thought that I would pop in and say hi! I am in Eastern Iowa (a bit outside Davenport) and doing some gardening and lawn care for the first time in my life!

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