Knockout Roses

bluey48April 9, 2014

How do I know if this winter froze my knockout bushes? Should I prune them lower than a normal pruning of 18 inches tall? Start fertilizing them now?

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After our cold winter, my knockout rose was dead down to the crown. I started to see growth at the very base of the plant about two weeks ago and I cut off all the dead stems at that time.

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I have a few knockout roses that did fine but one appeared dead and now towards the end of May I see new Growth from the crown. The Stems were dead and were cut back. I had not dug up the plant as it was a "Memorial" For My Beloved German Shepherd Dutchie that died and in case the roots got entangled with any part of her I did not want to disturb her remains so I was going to leave it. But Now I am pleased to say that the Knockout Rose is still alive and starting to grow. They are VERY HARDY roses. I bought one and transplanted it, and another grew where the original was. In total I have 4 or 5 knockout roses from the 1 original rose.

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