what are you jonsin' for this year??

LeslieL(z5a IA)April 11, 2005

I am hoping some new dawn roses I ordered from Jung's finally make it to my door this year. I have been wanting them for three years now, and they always end up being out of stock. Hard to find in the nurseries too. I also love funky ajugas and lost my new golden glow to an incident with a dog left out of the pen all day, she was a real puppy then, and managed to destroy the pond too!

So what is everyone else dreaming of adding to their gardens this year?

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whatcheer(z4 Ia)

I started some new Lupines. I have every color I think. I want some Epimedium also. I'm hoping they have that at Green Scene this year (blackhawk county). I have a varigated Wistera coming from Spring Hill. I get soooo crazy this time of year. I buy, buy, buy.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Thinning out . But was on ebay -with Blueridge daylily.Won Creative edge. Could bid on lot more. Some kinda $$$ $75 on up-but so very pretty.

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I want a Japanese Maple. I'm not going to get one, just yet, but I really really want one. :) Ok, I really want several. :)

IA Z5a

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I will also be attend greens cense in BH county.

I am eagerly awaiting my crimson lilac bush to get here from springhill nursery and some more monarda's. The damn bunnies ate all the bark off of my japanese sumac so now I need to wait for new root sprouts and transplant them to the right spots. UGH!!!! I hate winters. Anyone wanna send me some live traps?

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

I'm using live traps to catch squirrels that chew on our house. We borrow them (the traps) from the DNR, so you might check with them if you're serious about transporting some critters. We take the squirrels to a county park.

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

OOOOOHHH! Connie Lee, I saw creative edge! That is a beaut! And yes Diann, those japenese maples. oo la la! I bought one at Kmart last year on a trip with our friend Debbie. But I came to my senses and realized that it wasn't zone proper and gave it to a friend in Missouri. It looked lovely in the front yard of her cute little yellow house with the maroon trim. All her neighbors had one too. BTW I am hoping to see you at the swap this year!! You can fill me in on which of the jm's are appropriate for our zone....

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lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)

This year I REALLY want to get a lotus to grow in my small pond. That's my big goal for this summer.

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Oh yeah, the swap... Hmmmmm, we'll see. I never make promises to be anywhere cause I know all to well how I never seem to end up where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be... ;) Maybe, just maybe, I'll have the gardens weeded by then... Work keeps interferring with my gardening... :)

Now, to keep this legal, I'm also joensing for some John Rice daylily! I want Caught Red Handed, Flock of Doves, and Mayan Tapestry..

and I'd like to have Bartzella and Garden Treasure from Hollingsworth Peony....

I mean, as long as we're joensin'.... ;)

IA Z5a

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jamlover(z4 Iowa)

3 raised beds of 39 dahlias. Beds are in and waiting. Part of the dahlias have come and are potted up(want to get all the flowers I can).
I also started 2 pkts. of tidal wave petunias of red and 2 of silver; also 1 pkt nautical. (Where do I go with 150 petunias)
Leaving rest of beds bare in hopes of getting tham all in. They are just starting to bloom. (I always get a little to impatient)

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LeslieL(z5a IA)

my new dawn's are HERE!! They're Here! Yea!!!!! I got them in the ground! (doing a little dance!)

Now, for a trellis......

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Well, Still bidding onDaylilies From Blueridge. Won Another won Forgotten Blues. Told Dh I'm just saving money when I combine a order. He just winked-said nice try.

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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

Oh, my! I've finally tracked down a nursery that will order a thornless cockspur hawthorne for me (crataegus crus-galli) so I'm happy...that arrives Monday or Tuesday. AND I got my psuedo-Japanese Maple (it's a Korean Maple--similar leaf shape and gorgeous fall color, but hardy to zone 4) from Mountain Maples, earlier this week. That was probably one of my "big ticket" items, as it cost $58.

Speaking of 'New Dawn' rose, my 15 year old baby subcumbed to the stress of the latest move, so I just bought a replacement (along with my left-behind Constance Spry) from Wayside Gardens. I've got three more lilacs to add to my burgeoning collection (Katherine Havermeyer, Charles Joly, Leon Gambetta) but I'm yearning for a BRIGHT, cotton candy pink variety that a neighbor has (but they can't remember the name; it rarely suckers, either, so no sharing). Possibly 'Miss Canada'?

Primarily, I'm longing for lump sums of money for garden "hardscape" projects: I need a lot of landscape blocks to outline a new bed, a load of gravel for my drive, and plenty of cedar split-rail posts to finish the fence around my property and build a rustic arbor. It's easier to piddle away little sums on plants than be patient and save the larger amounts necessary for the "big stuff"...sigh.

Weirdest thing I'm planting? Probably a "4-in-1" grafted antique apple tree from Miller Nurseries--four varieties on ONE semi-dwarf tree.

Biggest Probably Lost Cause?: six highbush blueberries out here in alkaline soil land. ;-)

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