The Tale of a 36in Trellis and a 30in Door

iowa50126(z5IA)April 19, 2008

Well, it's been a cool wet week in Iowa and possibly you could use a little story to give you a grin...

Here's one that happened to me this week.

I spent some time this winter building some new wooden trellises in my basement work shop. One of them was a pyramid shaped trellis that was six foot tall and had a base that was 3 foot square. I made it from some old pine boards I had left over from other projects.

Today, I decided to move the trellis out to my garage for a coat of paint. As I stood in the basement holding the trellis and looked up at the back door...I had one of those "OH-S***" senior moments.

I suddenly found that I was just like the guy who builds the boat in his basement during the winter and has to saw it in half to get it out in the Spring! (smile)

Here's the math back door at the top of my basement steps is only 30 inches wide and my 6 foot tall trellis is 36 inches wide.(square)

Well...just like Murphy's Law..."There's never enough time to do things right, but always plenty of time to do things over" ...

I only had to take the trellis about 25% apart to wiggle it through my back door.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I would do something like that.Got one piece fiber-glass tub once. Had to take it back and three piece wouldn't fit through door.

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