Cuttings wilting - why?

basilbird(z6 RI)November 5, 2004

I've just snagged about a dozen cuttings from double impatiens. It's been close to a killing frost around here but the outdoor plants are really trying to hang in (and keep blooming!)

Anyway... most of my cuttings are doing fine and a few from 2 weks ago actually have roots already. Two or three, however, are very wilted. In one case I raised the water level and the leaves perked up. The cutting are all from the same group of plants and, initially, they all looked good.

I'm not that concerned. If I can just get a few plants through the winter I'll be happy. But I am curious as to why this is happening. Any ideas?


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The roots are probably not established yet. Another possibility is that a fungi has managed to infiltrate the water and is causing root death. Normally, if you enclose the cutting in a greenhouse type plastic covering, or cut the leaves back by 50% to reduce evaporation, the cuttings do better.

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