white impatiens I am in love...

faerieannette(z7 MD)November 10, 2005

I just love impatiens. I am new to gardening and I hear that they do well in the shade. That is perfect for me because I have lots of shade! I am also interested in having some indoors and am going to try to have a bunch inside and propagating them for outside use. I have done alot of reading here about rooting in water, pinching and poking etc.. So I am very excited.

I really like white. I actually would like only to use white in my outside gardens to avoid some ugly combinations.

Most of the plants I did plant this season. (First time gardening in first home with a neglected yard) where freecycle gifs and clearance items. I am pretty worried next year when everything actually flowers if it will be a hideous mixture of color.

I am in general a sucker for white flowers. I just love them! I did splurge and buy 25 white azalea bushes because they where $2.50 at home depot. I got 3 different varieties.

I really just love how white brightens up shady areas as well.

And I just donÂt like apricot impatient. This might insult people on this forum but I really donÂt like the mixes where it has apricot, blush pink, rosy pink, vivid red, deep scarlet and white. I am an artiest and am more picky about color than most people so it really bothers me. Mostly when they are planted with other colors. I got a lot of irises from freecycle and was told they are purple. Also orange day lilies put them all together.. barf!

I am going to try winter sowing this year and was told that impatiens do really well. Now to find some seedsÂ

I was wondering if anyone here has any? I donÂt have anything to trade. I would be more than willing to send an envelope with postage. I would like to offer something but canÂt think of what.

Thank you for reading my post,


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I took 2 cuttings from a white one I had this year and brought them in. They rooted really easy and are about to even bloom!


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faerieannette(z7 MD)

I hear they do root easily. I suppose I can post a wanted on my local freecycle for a cutting or too. :-)

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