What impatiens species do you Grow:)

annette68_gwNovember 4, 2006

Hi Everybody,

It is a bit quite here lately, so lets here about all the different impatiens you grow.

Here in Australia, I am growing I.Sodenii,I.Morsei (still little), I. Grandis, I.Repens, I.Balfouri, I.Niamniamensis 'African Queen', I.New Guinea and off course the Impatiens walleriana in single and double.I have also got the Balsam.

I have seedlings of I.Cristata,I.Hochstetteri and I.Madagscariensis.

I have seeds off the Blue Diamonds, Capensis, Pallida and Glandulifera, just trying to get these little babies to germinate. I am slowly building up a nice collection. so lets here about what impatiens species you are growing.

Cheers Annette

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Yes, it is very quiet. This is the latest message and it's over a month old. If you're still out there, I have I. tinctoriae, I. omeiensis, and I. namchabawensis. The last one named, the blue one from southeastern Tibet, I sure hope is coldhardy here, since we have had a severe freeze.

I dumped a lot of mulch over it. I hope that was enough.

I. omeiensis is just weirdly coldhardy. I. tinctoriae is a tropical species but it produces a huge rootstock below frost level, that is capable of surviving my winters once it is established--which it isn't!! But I have it fairly well protected.

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capensis - invasive but who cares
omeiense - very hardy for me in Z7a
zombensis - little cutie, winters inside with constant bloom
balsamina - old fashoined must

atash, Think a well-established tinctoriae might make it in Zone 7 too?

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