Peas are up!

Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)April 2, 2004

Well, just the one that scouts for all the others, but I'm expecting to see more tomorrow.

Anyone else have veggies in action?

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stan_ia_z4(z4 ia)

Mary, I started some "Yard Long Bean Pod" plants just to see if the germination was ok. They germinated and I tried transplanting them into larger pots and they are still living. Question is, will they transplant again (into the ground) and survive? At the rate they are growing, I may need a backhoe to transplant them. Stan

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

Stan, you might have a problem. Peas are more cold resistant than beans. If they were mine, I'd wait a week or two to plant them outside, and then I'd try just a couple of them at first. If they make it and the forecast is favorable, then I'd plant the others.
It would also help if they were in a sheltered, sunny location so the wind couldn't chill them.
Good luck!

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sos_acres(Z5 SE IA)

Maude that is wonderful! When did you plant them.....and what else have you planted outside already?
I was going to wait until mid April to plant peas, spinach, radishes etc. outdoors....but you have just motivated me to get going sooner-thanks!

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

I planted the peas and some spinach seed late last week - maybe Friday? Right before it rained and got colder. I have only a small garden, so one packet of seed is too much for the space I have - that lets me take chances because I can replant if necessary.

I have some radishes out there, too, but they haven't shown up yet. I'd like to get my broccoli plants in the ground under jugs this week - I think they get larger and produce more if they are planted quite young.

I should tell you that the vegetable garden is up against the south side of the garage so it's sunny and protected from the wind. Also must confess that sometimes I lose things by planting too early, but if there is more seed, it's OK.

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