PnP Impatiens Greenhouse in a Greenhouse

cowcatcherDecember 24, 2006

We moved our outside potted impatiens into the greenhouse before frost. They became real leggy! Beautiful, but leggy. Then we found the Pinch and Poke forum on Gardenweb.

Following the photo instructions, Kathy and I prepared over 100 cuttings and placed them in the Greenhouse on 12/22/06.

We observed shock and rapid wilting at about 6 hours ..and hit upon the idea of a moisture rich, "controlled environment".

Kathy has a supply of giant ZipLoc garment bags. I had an air compressor. We had lots of dog towels suitable to supply moisture.

1+1 = 2 ! :>)

The first 9 or 10 photos on our greenhouse page show how our PnP's look today at 48 hours - happy, happy, happy. Their micro-climates even smell like a greenhouse. And its 26 degrees outside! I'll update these in a few days to share our plants' progress. If you look at the album after the "turkey slide" you will see photos of our HFGH as it has been constructed as an addition outside the kitchen window.

Steve & Kathy

Hortonville WI

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Greenhouse & PnP Impatiens progress

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That's awesome! I'm jealous! I only have one small impatiens growing at the moment in my south kitchen window but I love growing them in winter inside!

Happy holidays and new year!


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