First time greenhouse gardener

DragonflyRhinoDecember 8, 2013

This is my very first year trying to grow from seed. I've done allot of reading and realize there could be many different readings because their are so many variables to consider.

I started the seeds in bio domes and they grew WONDERFULLY!!! I was so excited to see them grow so well so fast. I waited until they had 2-4 leaves and transplanted them into larger containers with Miracle Grow potting soil.

Now they look like they are dead...the leaves are all wilting. Some of them are wet some are dry - I wonder if I need to put them back in the biodome and leave them in to see if I can get them back to health.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

These seeds look etiolated (thin and spindly), usually this is a sign of insufficient light. Light levels are very low in Zone 5 during winter. If you want to sow seed in midwinter you will need growlights, as well as heat and ventilation. In the case of impatiens I would wait until spring. Good luck. - Ian.

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