oakleaf33(8)March 17, 2008

Great aeroponics ? ok I have intermediate knowledge of h.p.'s Weighing pros and cons of five basic setup types. In aeroponics, could the salt and nutrient build up on sprayer nozzles be reduced or eliminated by possibly not submersing them in the solution but have the nozzle pump water from an outside source. Nozzle would be isolated inside of container with water fed from another???

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the sprayer nozzles are not normally submerged. the salt build up occurs where the nutrient is discharged from the nozzle. kind of like a mineral buildup on a showerhead. there's no pump whatsoever, but the buildup still occurs.

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Thank you for your response. I have been fascinated with h.p since i was in 8th grade now being 26 I am ready to make it real.. everyone has the own personal pref, when it comes to there setup what would you recommend. I'm leaning towards the N.F.T. method or aeroponics. Keeping in mind nozzle buildup. It doesn't require power supplies for many different air pumps. a.p. sounds good due to low water consumption and ph isn't as much of a problem. tell me you thoughts

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