Types of impatiens

melroseDecember 15, 2008

I'm been looking at impatien seeds and I'm confused at what is the best to buy: Accent, Tempo, Blitz, Super Elfin, Super Elfin XP?? What's the difference between all these or is it best to just look for what you like? Is there benefits from one to another? Any experts who can help out?

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What you have listed are all series of I. wallerana. With the exception of Blitz (and it should be Blitz 3000)the differences between most of these are fairly subtle for the average consumer. These series are produced by different breeding companies (Goldsmith, Bodger, Syngenta, Pan American), and the seed is distributed through wholesalers and retailers. A red impatien is a red impatien, but these breeders all want you to buy THEIR genetics (market share - think Coke/Pepsi), so they breed for specific traits to try to make theirs "better" than the competition. They may be breeding for compactness, or earliess or better branching, or even something that doesn't translate to how it will actually perform in your garden - it may be a characteristic that makes it look better on the retailers bench. Again, for the most part, these characteristics are pretty transparent for the average consumer. Some series will perform slightly better in southern heat (note I said SLIGHTLY). The Blitz 3000 series was selected for a more vigorous habit and larger flowers - they do well in hanging baskets. Some of the Tempos can also be vigorous. The others that you mention are all pretty comparable, and do well in general landscape plantings. With that all said...look for what you like.

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Thanks - this helps because I'm looking at seeds and various colors and I wasn't sure what would be the best and if I wanted to intermix varieties-- you've answered my question very thoroughly - Thank you

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