blue false indgo

slyedogApril 7, 2010

I have a few blue false indigo plants in some landscaping I did this last spring. After this heavy winter I could finally see the plants. They look dead. There is some purple buds at the base of the stalk.The branches and leaves are all dark brown. Just wondering if they are ok and this is how they are or if I should call the place I purchased them from and had put them in.I have a black thumb so any help is appreciated. They looked great untill the snow started.

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Hey slyedog! I have the same plant that is actually a transplant from my Grandmother's! We've moved it each time we've don't believe the hype when they say it isn't a good mover. It may stunt it for the next year or two, but they will do fine as long as you give extra attention.
The stems, leafs and seed pods are the dried items you are seeing from last year. go ahead and pull that out. Should just pull right out of the soil. If it doesn't , go ahead and cut with shears close to the ground. The new growth is the purple buds you see peeking up through the soil. The will kinda look like asparagus until they are taller.
You will love this shrub when it is in bloom.

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