fire ants?

gardeniarose(z10FLA)January 23, 2005


I also posted this in the "pests and diseases" forum but I think this is the right forum for it:

I was just outside gardening and I noticed a trail of ants that fit the description of fire ants. The only difference being that these were not aggressive. I teased some with a stick and they turned and ran away. Will fire ants do this or will they actually attack the stick? Hopefully someone here knows the answer to this.


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chubbles(Central FL)

Fire ants are only particularly aggressive when you disturb their nest/mound. There are several species of little red ants in FL, so I wouldn't simply conclude that they are fire ants. However, fire ants are very comfortable living around human homes, so they very well might be! You could try following the trail of ants back to the mound to see if it fits a general description of fire ants.

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