Hydrangeas in Southwest Florida

monkadelicMay 12, 2011

Hi everyone, I have been lurking the forums for a few weeks and I am impressed with the knowledge here. I thought I was in zone 9, but might be in zone 10. I got some hydrangeas (I have been enamored with them for years) since I thought it might be a challenge but possible. I currently have two ES (picked up on a trip to South GA), two random macs from Home Depot and Walmart, and a florist version from a local grocery.

My inspiration to even try (as I have never seen them this far south) came from a member here that says that they have thriving hydrangeas in North Fort Myers, which is over the bridge from me.

My yard gets a lot of sun, and obviously the temps are already in the low 90s here most days. I'm also a totally novice gardener. What can you all suggest that I do to keep these lovelies healthy? They are all currently in large pots so I can move them around the yard to find the best place to keep them permanently. I don't get enough shade on the south side of the yard to keep them where I wanted, the east side doesn't seem to get shade until 2-3 pm or so (roses are happy there), and the north side doesn't get much either. West side is all shade, thanks to a monster oak.

Right now, they are on the southeast corner under a reclanada, so they are getting a little bit of AM sun but lots of shade, and they are getting watered everyday in self-watering pots. They are showing wilt by mid-afternoon, but they pop back up nicely come evening.

Thanks for any help and tips you can provide!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

The leaves of my hydrangeas suffereed when they got summer sun until mid afternoon sokeep them in sun until 11am-12pm. However, since your shrubs are in pots, you can change the locations if you notice that the leaves in direct contact with the sun are turning all yellow (including the leaf veins). An area that is not too windy is also good (less watering, less wilting). The west side is also an option if you can put the plants on the east side of the tree. I have a hydrangea on the west side of the house but it is shaded by a pine tree in the afternoons.

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Thanks luis! Unfortunately the oak is within feet of our carport, so no sun makes it to that area.

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