Hydrangea turning green please help

GodslittieroseMay 15, 2011

I bought my first house last year and have always loved hydrangeas so I decided that I wanted to plant them along my entire front porch. I have tried to do my research since I am new to growing them. I bought them from a local nursery about a month ago and they were in full bloom. I transplanted them and planted them with a mixture of pine bark mulch (I read that it help with drainage) and potting soil and I keep them moist and water them with miracle grow once a week. Well, this week I noticed that my blue hydrangeas are turning green and the pink ones are browning. I have read that this can happen at the end of the blooming cycle in late august, but its only May. Is this due to them coming from a nursery and reaching full bloom before normal? Or could it be due to the fact that they only get dappled sunlight? The leaves look very green and healthy. If the reason is because they are aging is there a way to help them return to normal are have regrowth? Id hate to have bare hydrangeas the rest of the summer. Sorry this is so long, I am just so new and want to give these plants the best. Haha. Any help would be appreciated. I also have pictures but Im not sure how to upload them on here.

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Yes, when they are forced to bloom early, the blooms may also age early and start to change colors early. It is very normal on newly purchased/planted hydrangeas. The process cannot be reversed but if the shrub is remontant, it will rebloom later on again. Dappled sunlight is just fine. Next year, things should return to the normal start times for all of this.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

The Miracle Gro can also be changing the flower color.....Hydrangeas are reactive to soil ph for flower color. For example, ours here are always blue, we have acid soil. Neighbor thought he'd be helpful and dumped a bunch of fertilizer on our side of the fence and our blue hydrangeas turned a muddy green color which lasted for two years..

Shrubs do not need to be fertilized once a week in the first place. Miracle Gro is good for potted annuals not landscape plants. It is a quick boost not long term nutrients.

Did you buy potted florist plants or nursery stock? Do you know their names? Some bloom once a year, some more than once.

Another fyi, potting soil is for pots. You want compost or planting mix when you plant. Won't hurt anything but it is expensive to keep using it when you plant.

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Thanks for both of your input. You can tell that Im a novice gardener because I thought miracle grow was to boost the plant, not just the blooms. I was just hoping to give them the best foundation possible so they could become well established.

The plants that I bought were nursery stock (I purchased them at the local farmers market) and they were mophead hydrangeas. That's all I really know about them. On the tag it said that they should be planted with a mix of potting soil and some time of moss so thanks for the heads up on the planting mix and compost.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that they will get well established or just keep them watered and let mother nature take care of the rest? Thanks again for the help.

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