Vanilla Strawberry or Pinky Winky?

camilleinnhMay 7, 2011

I am putting in a long shrub border along a stone wall, and want to include a few paniculata hydrangeas. It's south facing with a few very large trees, so it gets lots of sun with just a little dappled shade in the late afternoon.

Both Vanilla Strawberry and Pinky Winky look intriguing. It's hard to tell just from the descriptions what they are really like in the garden, and especially how they compare with each other. Size and habit - how big do they really get? Strength of stems and "floppiness"? Color- PW looks more red in the photos? Time and length of bloom, etc.

Thank you!

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VS get more tall than wide (say 6-7' tall, 5' wide). PW can be quite tall; at least 6' tall. Bloom colors are a matter of personal preference. The pink colors may or may not clash so it would be best if you can see real blooms instead of colors off pictures in the Internet. Expect some flopiness on new stems always. It may take 2-3 years for the stems to harden and be able to support the weight of blooms without flopiness. But it should not be as bad as you see with others like Annabellee.

I am sure that deer will love them both so protect them with a high fence if you have deer in the area.

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Thanks for the info. I trying to decide between one or the other. I wouldn't mix them in the same border. Just interested to find out people's preferences who have had them both. Good to know that floppiness is just a passing phase as the plants mature.


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