pictures from the farm to warm your heart

cheerpeopleMay 30, 2005

Here's our first pic of our new baby foxtrotter. What a surprise to great our eyes one morning- she didn't go overdue this year! BTW he's been sold to the breeder but we get to enjoy him 'til fall when he's weaned.

Anybody want some kittens?;-) They are free!

Plants in this pic- dianthus and sysrinchium

oh and gladiator allium, purple sensation allium, and penstemon 'huskers'red'- I LOVE allium!

Karen- just across the Mississippi

Here is a link that might be useful: pics-scroll down a couple inches to see after clicking here

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Lil Joe is one nicely put together pony. I can see why he sold right away. Wow, he's nice. Kitties are cute, and the other pictures are wonderful, too, but that pony is fantastic.

IA Z5a

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ginni77(z 5)

What a beautiful baby! I'm partial to spotted horses and I'll bet he'll be smooth when he's all grown up.

Where are you across the Miss? I'm in the Illinois Quads.


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Thx dainn and ginni.
Ginni, I am in the country in the clinton - thomson area

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Colt sure is pretty. Saw a colt the other day just must have been born shaky legs getting up. And I'm also of globe masters. Got some going by and some just ready to bloom.

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ginni77(z 5)

Cool Karen, my S.O. is from Clinton and we go up there quite a bit. I used to show my horses a lot in the Morrison area...back when I had horses, years ago. I sure miss having horses.


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