Rats in Attic - Poison that makes them thirsty?

mrjones(North Dallas)January 29, 2011

Have already caught some rats in the attic with spring traps, but want to make sure I get them all. Is there a poison that will cause them to become dehydrated, resulting in their leaving to look for water and dying outside? Online research leads me to believe that such a poison might be a myth. I'm sure that posions would be effective, but I don't want dead rats in the attic stinking. Does anybody know definitely?

By the way, I think I know where they're getting in and will eventually seal it up, but not yet if there's a chance of making them leave by the same way.

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The only "rat poison" I have seen being sold in stores is warfarin, the same product used to thin your blood as Cumodin. This causes the animal that eats it to bleed to death.

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